MWBA - Maritime Womens Basketball Association

MWBA Scores Major Boost from Coaching Association

The Maritime Women’s Basketball Association has people talking.

And paying attention to what the league, set to play in April of 2022, is doing to promote women and sport.

The MWBA, with six teams ready for its inaugural season, was a Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) recipient of a 2021-2022 National Sport Organization (NSO) Grant.

The CAC offers grants to National Sport Organizations (NSOs) that organize and operate programs and initiatives that provide opportunities for coaches.

The initiatives supported by the 2021-2022 NSO Grant funding have a common goal of increasing the diversity of the coaching population, ensuring the sport community and sport environments are inclusive and accessible, and that the opportunities for coaches are equitable.

In 2019, the CAC conducted a study on coaching diversity and inclusion initiatives launched by NSOs. The goal of this research was to identify how the CAC could best support their NSO partners in achieving our collective goals for equity in coaching. In response, the CAC expanded the NSO Grant program to increase support and resources available for program development and implementation.

The MWBA was one of 10 recipients of the NSO Grants: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion on behalf of Canada Basketball.

‘The MWBA is not only a place for athletes to compete, it’s also about advancing women in leadership positions,’ said association president Tasia McKenna of Timberlea, NS. ‘We’re excited to be a recipient of these grants. It is a huge level of excitement. We thank the CAC and Canada Basketball for recognizing our pursuits.’

The grant will cover two women including a player and coach for each MWBA franchise. There will be three available Train to Compete workshops made available.

The MWBA has three teams in Nova Scotia including Windsor Edge, Halifax Hornets and Halifax Thunder. Its New Brunswick teams are Moncton, Fredericton Freeze and Port City Fog of Saint John.

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