MWBA - Maritime Womens Basketball Association

January Key Month For MWBA

A year ago at this time, nothing was on the backburner.

It was all frontburner details for what was then the fledgling Maritime Women’s Basketball Association.

As the calendar flipped to 2023, plans continue for Season II of the MWBA after last year’s remarkable debut.

An expansion committee has been formed to discuss the possibility of increasing the league field from its present six-team format.

All original teams including reigning champion Halifax Hornets, Halifax Thunder, Windsor Edge, Fredericton Freeze, Port City Fog of Saint John and Moncton Mystics are expected back into the fold.

The MWBA expansion committee meets Jan. 17.

Officials are drawing up a number of schedule scenarios in preparation of potential change, but the 2023 season won’t be released until mid to late February.