MWBA - Maritime Womens Basketball Association

Teams to Pursue Legacy Cup

Everything the Maritime Women’s Basketball Association has done this season has been a first.

But in order to get to many inaugural celebrations, there has to be a past of some sort.

That’s exactly what the MWBA was thinking when it named its trophy that will be handed out late afternoon on Sunday, June 26, in Halifax.

The six teams will pursue The Legacy Cup, named in honour of past players, coaches, officials and administrators who have impacted women’s basketball in a positive manner.

The idea was spawned after a social media contest that had a theme of identifying former basketball architects in the women’s game started to build up.

‘There were so many great suggestions from the public and so many names of women who have had such a fantastic impact on the game from across the Maritimes,’ said MWBA commissioner, Tasia McKenna. ‘We have had so much positive energy this season and we didn’t think we could single out one individual to honour with a trophy being named after them. So, we did a combination of sorts. It’s going to be named after so many who have left or created a legacy in Maritime basketball.’

Introducing the MWBA Legacy Cup.

‘It’s meant to encompass so many great people who have had a share in helping the MWBA start with a vision and promote women in so many areas of sport, not just as players,’ said McKenna. ‘It sounds a bit cliché, but we’re going to celebrate six champions in late June. All six teams, the players, the organizers are all trailblazers to start the MWBA. They are part of the legacy now.’

There are four women on the trophy representing different capacities.

There’s The Student, who protects the legacies of those who are watching and studying the league so they’re ready when it’s their turn to play. There’s The Trailblazer, protecting the legacies of those who have paved the way for the league to exist. There’s The Author, protecting the legacies of those who are presently writing their story in the MWBA. And there’s The Dreamer, protecting the legacies of those who will play in the league for generations to come.

‘We wanted the trophy to represent so much with so many who have joined us in this dream of creating the MWBA and helping it flourish,’ said McKenna. ‘Hand-in-hand, so many people have reached out to play a role in our league. We think the Legacy Cup is a fitting tribute on numerous levels.’

The league’s championship is June 24 to 26 at Saint Mary’s University.

All six teams will make the post-season.

The top Nova Scotia and top New Brunswick teams will receive a bye to the semifinals. Quarter-finals will see Nova Scotia 3 play New Brunswick 2 and Nova Scotia 2 play New Brunswick 3 on June 24.