MWBA - Maritime Womens Basketball Association


How do I contact a team representative nearest to me?

If you are seeking team representatives to ask about tryouts, positions with the team or to volunteer, here is the list of the six franchises:

• Halifax Sirens – Mark Forward (

• Halifax Thunder – Brandon Rafuse ( or Parker Regan (

• Windsor Edge – Marc Frrench (

• 506 Elite of Moncton – Andrew Trites ( or Nate Horsman (

• Fredericton Freeze – Brad Janes (

• Port City Fog of Saint John – Jillian Wilton ( or Sara Hayward (

• Commissioner Tasia McKenna (

How will teams be selected?

Most teams will sign players prior to the season, but tryouts will be available depending on each team’s approach. Please follow the website or contact the franchise nearest to you in order to find most of that information. Teams hosting open gyms will begin in February of 2022.

I want to get involved in the league or with a team in some capacity as a volunteer. How do I go about that?

You can contact Commissioner Tasia McKenna at or reach out to the team nearest your location.

My company is interested in becoming a sponsor affiliate with the MWBA or an individual team. What is the process?

League naming rights, divisional sponsorships and other avenues are readily available for the MWBA. Please contact Lori Shea ( ) the MWBA’s corporate sponsorship officer for further information. There are many budgetary options available.

Will players be paid to play?

The MWBA is strictly an amateur league, meaning players will not be paid to play.

What about potential COVID-19 restrictions?

The MWBA will comply to all COVID-19 related standards regarding return to play, attendance and other preparatory guidelines moving forward.

Will there be admission fees to MWBA games?

Yes, each team will have an admission gate to help defray costs of officials, gymnasium rentals and other costs associated with hosting a game. A league-wide admission fee will be announced when the schedule is released in February of 2022.

You have questions about player eligibility? Find out more here:



National Collegiate Athletic Association

Page 9, Section 7

Outside Competition – Basketball.

a.            You are not eligible if, after you become a student-athlete, you participate in any organized basketball competition except while representing the institution in intercollegiate competition. Competing in the Olympic Games tryouts and competition and other specified national and international competition is permitted. [Bylaws 17.31.2]

b. It is permissible to participate as a member of a basketball team in an NCAA-sanctioned summer basketball league or event during the period between June 15 and August 31 or the institution’s opening day of classes, whichever comes earlier, provided the student-athlete has written permission from the institution’s Athletic Director.

No Prior Post-Secondary Playing Experience

Players did not have to play at the university or collegiate levels to be eligible to play for a team. Some teams will be hosting training camps and open gym tryouts closer to the 2022 launch.