MWBA - Maritime Womens Basketball Association

Hoops Our Way: The Inside the MWBA Podcast

Hoops Our Way: The Inside the MWBA podcast is co-hosted by Katherine Khorovets and Bill Gibson. Kat, Bill and guests tell stories from around the league, talk about game action and discuss issues around the game.

Hoops Our Way will be available on popular podcast apps.

Episode 3:  May 22, 2024 with guest Kiera Duffie of the Halifax Thunder

In Episode 3, hosts Kat Khorovets and Bill Gibson are joined by Kiera Duffie of the Halifax Thunder. Kiera talks about overcoming 2 ACL injuries in high school, those that have impacted her athletic career the most and how changing her mental mindset improved her game. Kiera shares what is like to be part of the Thunder and how the team thinks about the 23 game regular season unbeaten streak. In the Getting to Know Kiera segment find out if she’s been to a drive-in movie, what songs get her pumped for a game and what, if anything, she would ask the basketball gods to improve in her game.

Episode 2:  May 16, 2024 with guest Bailey Black of the Miramichi Her-icanes

Bailey Black of the Miramichi Her-icanes joins co-hosts Kat Khorovets and Bill Gibson to discuss her basketball journey.  Bailey talks of high school basketball at MVHS, USport at UNB, and playing for 3 teams in 3 years in the MWBA association.  Bailey discusses tearing an ACL in her first USport shift.   In the getting to know you segment, find out if Bailey has any superstitions, what her go to snack is and what her top 3 must do items on a Miramichi visit are.

Episode 1:  May 9, 2024 with guest MWBA Commissioner Jen McKenzie

In Episode 1, co-hosts Katherine Khorovets and Bill Gibson are joined by Maritime Women’s Basketball Association commissioner Jen McKenzie to talk about the offseason, pre-season and Week 1 games from around the league.  Kat shares insights as a former player and Jen shares a story from Miramichi of the impact the leagues newest franchise is already having on young players in the region.  To close the episode, Kat reveals what’s on her playlist and what colours she would choose if she got to design a uniform from scratch.