MWBA - Maritime Womens Basketball Association

11 Odd Questions With…

Sophia Widmeyer made her Maritime Women’s Basketball Association debut this week, a member of the Halifax Hornets.

Widmeyer has played at the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I level with Providence College Friars in Rhode Island and University of New Hampshire Wildcats. She returned home to Canada and Nova Scotia last season, suiting with with Atlantic University Sport’s Saint Mary’s University Huskies.

We’ll find what type of comedy she prefers and the fact she couldn’t play hockey despite her dad being a draft choice of the NHL’s St. Louis Blues.

The Dartmouth native is ‘outgoing and the perfect choice’ for the debut of the MWBA’s 11 Odd Questions With… according to Hornets’ head coach, Mark Forward.

The floor is wide open for Widmeyer so here we go!

  1. Which bridge do you cross from Dartmouth to Halifax? – ‘The MacDonald Bridge. Always’
  2. When you match up this year against former Wildcats’ star Kaylee Kilpatrick of the Port City Fog, will you show her a UNH tattoo? – ‘No, but we do both have matching UNH diplomas!’
  3. You’re downtown at your favourite restaurant, what’s the appetizer you’re ordering every time? – ‘Easy. That’s chicken wings, not breaded, tossed in Dave’s red hot sauce, side of ranch, not blue cheese, please, and thanks.’
  4. If you were a hockey player which position would you play? – ‘Goalie. My dad never taught me any of his NHL hockey skills, more specifically how to skate, because mom wouldn’t let us play hockey.’
  5. What was a subject you loved in high school, but have never used it since graduating? – ‘Social studies. I loved the professor lol but have never used it to this day.’
  6. How many photos do you have on your phone? – ‘1,860.’
  7. Coffee or tea? – ‘Neither! I would prefer water or a Diet Pepsi.’
  8. Do you always put your left sock on first or right sock? – ‘Right sock always first.’
  9. What’s your favourite public park anywhere you’ve lived? – ‘Dartmouth Commons :)’
  10. You’re stranded on an island that somehow has electricity for a television but you only have one series to watch…which is it? – ‘The Office.’
  11. Who is your favourite comedian? – ‘Kevin Hart.’