MWBA - Maritime Womens Basketball Association

Our Latest 11 Odd Questions!

Kaylee Kilpatrick is a force in the Maritime Women’s Basketball Association.

A power forward with the Port City Fog of Saint John, Kilpatrick is the epitome of what the MWBA is all about.

She starred with the University of New Hampshire Wildcats at the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I before embarking on a professional career.

Kilpatrick played professional in Ireland, Australia and Germany before returning home to New Brunswick. She is now involved in coaching with Rothesay Netherwood School girls’ basketball program.

Kilpatrick took some time to have some fun with the MWBA’s 11 Odd Questions With…

Away we go!

  1. What is the one item that absolutely has to be on sale before you buy it? ‘Meat!’
  2. Why do round pizzas come in a square box? – ‘If a box isn’t square/rectangular is it still a box?’
  3. Who is the toughest opponent you ever battled in a basketball game? – ‘I’ve played against a lot of great players, but mentally my toughest opponent has always been myself.’
  4. If you had to re-take your driver’s test which part of it would be the most difficult challenge for you? ‘Two hands on the wheel and no dancing while driving.’
  5. You have absolutely nothing planned for a day, but you don’t want to be bored…so what do you do? – ‘I never get bored… probably get caught up on chores around the house, go for a walk at the beach, do something creative, eat ice cream.’
  6. Survivor or Amazing Race? – ‘Amazing Race! Although I do love Survivor.’
  7. What was your favourite country to play in when you were playing professionally? – ‘That’s such a tough question… I loved them all for different reasons!’
  8. You are granted the power to remove one colour from across the world…which colour is getting erased? – ‘This question feels controversial.’
  9. Is soup a meal? – ‘Absolutely.’
  10. Would you prefer to travel back in time or the future? – ‘Back in time… I don’t want to know what’s coming!’
  11. Why is abbreviation such a long word? – ‘To emphasize the need for abbreviations.’

– Kaylee Kilpatrick’s personality is a huge feature for the MWBA. She competes on the court and in life. (DWinston Photo)