MWBA - Maritime Womens Basketball Association

Nova Scotia to Host Final

The third season of the Maritime Women’s Basketball Association is not far away.

It all begins the first week of May when the regular season gets under way in earnest, with all roads leading to the Legacy Cup.

In fact, the road to the championship will go through Nova Scotia once again as the league continues to alternate championship sites in the two competing provinces.

Legacy Cup weekend will be in mid-June, but a venue has yet to be determined.

The MWBA handed out its first-ever Legacy Cup to the Halifax Hornets in 2022 at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax.

Last year, the Halifax Thunder earned the title at TD Station in Saint John.

It is anticipated the league will alter its weekend tournament style events to a straight out 10-game regular season of unbalanced play with seven teams before beginning its playoff run.

The MWBA has expanded to seven teams including the Hornets, Thunder and Lake City 56ers of Dartmouth/Cole Harbour/North Preston in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick’s Fredericton Freeze, Moncton, Mystics, Miramichi Her-icanes and Port City Fog of Saint John.

Miramichi was officially accepted into the league on Jan. 3.

(DWinston Photo)