MWBA - Maritime Womens Basketball Association

Battle at the Border – April 27-28

The third season of Maritime Women’s Basketball Association is set for take off on Thursday, May 2.

That’s when the all-Halifax battle between reigning champion Thunder and inaugural Legacy Cup-champion Hornets lock horns in a 7 p.m. outing at Saint Mary’s University.

Before the regular season kicks off, however, there is a pretty major MWBA event unfolding in a neutral location.

The first-ever Battle at the Border will unfold in St. Stephen, NB, April 27 t0 28 with the MWBA’s four New Brunswick-based teams participating.

That features Port City Fog of Saint John, Fredericton Freeze, Moncton Mystics and expansion Miramichi Her-icanes.

Lake City 56ers of Dartmouth/Cole Harbour/North Preston cap the seven-team circuit.

The Battle at the Border – presented by McDonald’s – will see teams battle for the World’s Oldest Basketball Court (WOBC) Cup.

The pre-season blitz will also feature an association with the WOBC, based in the Border Town and on its way to becoming a tourist mecca for basketball fans.

‘There was initially talk of a one-off game between Port City and Fredericton, but things evolved quickly and we wanted to make this an event,’ said MWBA commissioner, Jen McKenzie. ‘There was talk all seven MWBA teams would be involved, but the New Brunswick angle worked out every well. We know St. Stephen loves its basketball and our league is really excited to be taking our show on the road.’

The four MWBA teams will also be joined by youth teams from Fredericton Fusion and Junior Fog Academy at the two-day event which will also hopes to include a mayor’s luncheon at the WOBC the evening of April 27.

Basketball New Brunswick will also be well represented during the weekend.

At least eight BNB age-class teams will play on April 28 at St. Stephen Middle School.

The MWBA’s marketing company, Sports & Entertainment Atlantic (S|E|A) out of Halifax, is thrilled with the initial response.

‘When McDonald’s became engaged, that certainly changed the dynamic, bringing in such an international recognized and renowned company,’ said S|E|A president Chris Larsen. ‘Ashley and Gary Wager, the owners of the St. Stephen McDonald’s Restaurant, were all in on the project. They are fans of basketball and women in sport. Their corporate support speaks volumes for the MWBA and what it stands for with basketball and its community-minded approach.’

Bringing the WOBC into the event is also a huge accomplishment for the MWBA.

The court, located on King Street in St. Stephen, held its first game in 1893 and is certainly going through major changes under a committed crew of leaders including Tom Liston, originally from Fredericton and now living in Toronto.

‘Our WOBC team is both excited and proud to host the Battle at the Border MWBA tournament,’ said Liston. ‘The growth of the MWBA is impressive. It’s led by a first-rate product, amazing vision and great execution. We are big believers in ‘you have to see it to be it,’ and cannot wait for the St. Stephen community to see these great athletes compete for the WOBC Cup.’

Artist renditions of what the WOBC are remarkable, tying the past, present and future in the town of approximately 4,500 citizens, bordering on the State of Maine.

Liston has been involved with Larsen and others to make the Battle at the Border a major event combining women and youth in sport.

Organizers anticipate the teams, coaches and supporting staff members will gather for a social occasion at the WOBC during the evening of April 27.

‘It was a natural to bring the World’s Oldest Basketball Court group and Tom into the development of the weekend,’ said Larsen. ‘The response in the community has been fabulous and we’re just getting started. We want the players and fans to have a weekend of fun, learn some history and continue to watch the evolution of the MWBA.’

Larsen has also been encouraged with St. Stephen businesses, who have stepped up as key partners.

Along with presenting partner McDonald’s, there is ANR Chartered Professional Accountants (123 Milltown Blvd) and its president, Jason Rideout. Sweeney International Marine Corp (SIMCorp Environmental Sciences Lab) is on board under senior project manager RH (Bob Sweeney) and Bone Physiotherapy & Wellness PC Inc will handle all athletic therapy duties.

‘It’s amazing so many local businesses are investing in the weekend and that’s a direct result of the passion for community and the game of basketball,’ said Larsen. ‘There will be a lot going on during the weekend and we are incredibly thankful for the strength of local when it comes to this event.’

Partnership packages are available for the weekend through Larsen at and you can follow the updates at

Tickets for each MWBA game are $7 for adults. $5 for seniors and $3 for students. Children under-14 will be admitted free. Entire weekend packages for youth and MWBA games are $15.

All tickets are available at the door.