MWBA - Maritime Womens Basketball Association

MWBA Players Perform Well

Four players from the Maritime Women’s Basketball Association and one coach competed at the recent Canada 3X3 Quest national championship in Toronto.

The players and coach all played for Team New Brunswick.

Lia St. Pierre, Kelsey McLaughlin and Jenna Jones from the MWBA’s Moncton Mystics joined league MVP Kaylee Kilpatrick from Saint John’s Port City Fog at the two-day outdoor event.

Anthony Ashe, an associate coach with the Fredericton Freeze, was on the men’s side for Team NB.

The women fell 16-7 in quarter-final play against British Columbia in elimination action.

Team NB opened with a 16-11 loss to Quebec, fell 16-14 to Alberta and 15-10 to Saskatchewan in preliminary action.

Ashe and his teammates lost 18-16 in quarter-final play to Ontario. The team opened with a 21-8 win over Prince Edward Island and lost two tough outings, 12-11 against Alberta and 17-16 against Quebec.

MWBA players should keep an eye on next year’s provincial qualifying tournament, usually held the week following the league championship weekend,

 – Moncton’s Lia St. Pierre defends at the 3X3 nationals in Toronto (Canada Basketball Photo)